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In late 2014, an eclectic and exciting group of musicians emerged from a small scene in Vermont to create a sound of their own. Named Voices In Vain, the band came together to write songs that can only be considered unique, whacky and refreshingly heavy. Since they joined forces, their creative approach to music, the DIY mentality, and intense, energetic live performances has given them the respect of among peers in the scene.

Since the Winter of 2015, they have embarked on several DIY tours throughout the United States, building their fan base little by little in every region in the United States. 

With the release of their debut album, “Narcotics & Animal Instincts,” Voices in Vain is solidifying their vision of bringing an exciting, refreshing sound paired with the voice of social consciousness to the metal/hardcore scene. The band’s first full-length has been met with critical acclaim, allowing them to grow their fan-base and gain further online traction. 

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